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February 27, 2020

The imprisoned colleague has now also been able to free himself and calls the police

The imprisoned colleague has now also been able to free himself and calls the police

During the arrest, the gunshot was fired, said police spokesman Andreas Müller on Tuesday evening: “” One of the two perpetrators succumbed to his injuries despite emergency medical measures. “”

The story begins the evening before in the Bedburg-Hau forensic psychiatry. It was already late in the evening when two patients from the forensic psychiatry in Bedburg-Hau picked up kitchen knives and threatened a nurse. They lock in a second nurse, then force their hostage to open the outer door under a made-up pretext. “” You forced him to tell the gate that he had to go outside to dispose of rubbish, “says police spokesman Ingo Schankweiler. The plan is working. A little later, the two sit in the caretaker’s car and flee. They leave their hostage standing in front of the clinic. You are considered violent.

The two erupted patients are 38 and 43 years old. According to the police, they had been convicted of robbery. They had been in the forensic clinic since October and December 2019, respectively. There, under high security measures, mentally ill and addictive criminals who are incapable of guilt or who are less responsible are accommodated in what is known as the prison system. The authorities did not provide details of the actions of the two and the exact reasons for their detention in Bedburg-Hau on Tuesday.

Large-scale manhunt with a helicopter and ten patrol cars

The left nurse immediately sounds the alarm. The imprisoned colleague has now also been able to free himself and calls the police. Both clinic employees were uninjured, it turns out later. A large-scale manhunt begins immediately. A helicopter combs the darkness. Ten police cars from the Klever district police and the Kripo are involved in the search. “” Everything we had on the street was integrated, “says a spokeswoman. Alone, the car is initially gone.

On Tuesday afternoon he was discovered by a witness in Aachen, about 150 kilometers away. The police sent a message asking the population to call the emergency number 110 if one of the men classified as dangerous is seen. The Aachen area is being searched at full speed.

Police describe the course of the arrest – many questions still open

In the evening the officers discovered the two men. The course of the arrest, according to the police: An uninvolved woman is briefly threatened, a shot is fired and one of the two men is seriously injured. Further details about the events in Aachen are not known at first. Now the public prosecutor’s office in Aachen and, for reasons of neutrality, the Mönchengladbach police are investigating.

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The Rhineland Regional Association is responsible for the forensic clinic. According to a spokeswoman, around 400 people are housed there. The clinic last hit the headlines in November 2018 when tumults broke out in a ward after a failed attempt by several patients. In May 2017, a psychiatric prisoner was held hostage to break out. According to the Ministry of Health, there are 14 specialized institutions in the penal system in North Rhine-Westphalia, in which around 3,000 patients are treated.

Sources used: dpa news agency

In Berlin there is an argument between two homeless people. To rob the other, a 23-year-old strikes with a wooden slat. The victim has to be looked after by rescue workers. 

Under a S-Bahn bridge in Berlin-Mitte, a sleeping homeless man was attacked with a wooden slat – according to the investigation, by another homeless person. The police said on Saturday that he had asked for money from the 48-year-old.123helpme.me The attacker hit the victim on the head with the wooden slat on Friday evening in Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse. In a tussle between the two of them, the injured man was able to free himself.

Murder charges in Itzehoe: man kills and beheads sleeping stepdaughter. Incident near Lyon: French policeman fatally injured in action against gang. Accident in Schleswig-Holstein: motorist dies in an accident on the A7

A security service from a shop alerted the police. Rescue workers looked after the man. The attacker was able to escape. However, the identity of the suspect is known, the police said. It is a 23-year-old.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Don’t drink anything during the week, but hit it hard with beer and wine on the weekend? Is it dangerous? Is it dependent on a certain amount of alcohol or do other factors play a role? And what use is alcohol as a pain reliever? These are just a few of the many questions that visitors to Lifestyle asked internist Professor Singer from the Mannheim University Hospital about alcohol. Read selected answers and tips from the experts here.

Drinking on the weekend? How much per mille do what

Your question to the experts: I go out with friends almost every weekend and drink enough for two days until I feel a clear effect than around six to ten beers. I don’t drink alcohol at all during the week. I would like to know whether this already makes me an addict. I have asked myself the question many times and would like professional advice.

Professor Singer: Thank you for your question. The transition from risky drinking behavior to addiction is fluid. If you drink six to ten beers two days a week, that is already risky alcohol consumption. This means that you have an increased risk of developing physical damage such as fatty liver disease or alcoholic inflammation of the liver (alcohol hepatitis). Try to have fun with little or no alcohol in your free time and talk to your doctor about this important topic.

Click through The characteristics of alcohol addiction

Your question to the expert: If I have drunk alcohol in the evening, I wake up very nervous the next morning. Is that bad?

Professor Singer: That is an important observation. Research has shown that alcohol has a negative effect on the quality of sleep. The important deep sleep phases are shorter, making sleep less restful. Alcohol only makes you fall asleep faster. I recommend drinking as little alcohol as possible before going to bed because then sleep will be of the highest quality.

Your question to the expert: Can alcohol negatively affect eyesight?

Professor Singer: After consuming a lot of alcohol, visual disturbances can occur. However, these disappear after the alcohol has been broken down by the liver. Long-term damage only occurs when unclean, home-made alcohol is consumed. In this case, methanol is usually still contained, which can lead to blindness. However, over-the-counter drinks are strictly checked for the methanol concentration, so that there is no risk of impaired eyesight.

Your question to the expert: My husband drinks two bottles of beer every day. Can that be a sign of addiction?

Professor Singer: The limit for moderate alcohol consumption for men is half a liter of beer per day. Up to this amount, one speaks of low-risk alcohol consumption. Your husband is probably used to drinking beer regularly. I wouldn’t speak of addiction yet. Under no circumstances should your husband drink more. It would also be better to avoid alcohol altogether for a few days. A person is addicted if they meet three of the following six points:

Click through The characteristics of alcohol addiction

Help for addicts

Harmful to the body: when is alcohol consumption dangerous?

Alcohol addiction is a disease and needs professional help. Professor Singer advises all those affected to turn to local addiction advice centers. Addicts can also find help in special clinics, such as the addiction clinic of the Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim (www.zi-mannheim.de).

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Shia LaBeouf: Arrested after drunk driving. (Photo: Reuters) In the “” Indiana Jones “” movie “” The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull “” he fights as “” Mutt “” side by side with Harrison Ford. But in real life, US actor Shia LaBeouf has a to deal with a completely different problem. As reported by “” Entertainment Weekly “”, the 22-year-old was temporarily arrested on the weekend in Hollywood after a car accident for drink-driving. It is said that LaBeouf was behind the wheel of a vehicle that was involved in an accident early in the morning. The actor’s car rolled over. According to police, it was immediately clear to the officers on site that LaBeouf was drunk. After being treated in a hospital for minor injuries, he was released. # Video Shia LaBeouf drunk in a car accident Photo show The police photos of the stars

Minor crimes in the past

But this is not the first time LaBeouf has come into conflict with the law. It was only in November of last year that he insulted a security guard in a supermarket. Even then he was drunk. In addition, he was summoned to court several times for disregarding non-smoking areas.

My film world Information and filmography for Shia LaBeouf Photo Show “” Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull “” Trailer “” Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull “” video

TOP: Focus on Harvard studies

While other young stars like to rest on their laurels or have a blast at parties, Emma Watson has something completely different in mind: She wants to study – and preferably at an elite university. At least this is what the actress, known from the “” Harry Potter “” films as Hermione Granger, recently announced and now she has followed her ambitious plans for the first time. The 18-year-old went on an extensive tour of the campus of the renowned Harvard University in the US state of Massachusetts, toured the dormitory and paid a visit to the university secretariat. So it looks like Miss Watson will soon be trading in her wizardry textbooks for real study material.

FLOP: Depending on the heated toilet seat

Shia LaBeouf is without question one of the shooting stars of Hollywood cinema. That’s why the actor known from films like “” Indiana Jones 4 “” or “” Transformers “” is very busy at the moment. Too busy to spend. But he did buy a luxury item after all: a heated toilet seat, which he loved. “” I bought one of those cool toilet seats with a heater in them. You are unbelievable! Now I’m dependent on it. “” Somehow, the 22-year-old seems to feel very comfortable in the quiet place in general. It was said that Shia would decorate toilet seats with patterns and sayings in his spare time and then sell them at flea markets. It’s a little strange, Mr. LaBeouf …

Image: cinetext

Image: cinetext

More and more children and adolescents tend to be overweight and obese. (Photo: dpa) Every second German is too fat and the next generation is already showing obesity tendencies. This has prompted the federal government to step up the fight against obesity. With a bundle of measures she wants to get the citizens back in shape. “” An environment is to be created in Germany in which a balanced diet and adequate exercise are firmly anchored in all areas of life, “” says a draft for the Nutrition Action Plan entitled “Germany in Form” “.

Full but not fat Seven tips for losing weight Discuss with us! What are your experiences with losing weight?

Obesity is a cross-generational problem

Two thirds of men and around half of women between 18 and 80 years of age in Germany are considered too fat. In children and adolescents, 15 percent are overweight or obese. Obesity increases with age and is heavily dependent on social class, the “Consumption Study” revealed in January 2008. Federal Health Minister Ulla Schmidt (SPD) and Consumer Minister Horst Seehofer are planning because most citizens weigh too many pounds (CSU) are now jointly campaigning for more information, better canteen food, more sport and more research. The fight against obesity is not new, but the results of studies are alarming. Not only adults, but also young people are getting fatter. The aim of the campaigns is to a. also to avoid common diseases.

Bad diet makes you sick

In Germany, diseases such as diabetes mellitus (diabetes) and cardiovascular diseases, which are partly caused by poor diet and too little exercise, are increasing. Many German citizens are obviously also comfortable. “” This means that not all people are able or willing “” to eat healthily and exercise enough, the nutrition paper goes on to say, which the Federal Cabinet is likely to discuss before the summer break.

Germans move too little 

Many citizens are reluctant to move. Around a fifth of Germans do not exercise in their everyday lives, among seniors it is between 28 and 41 percent, according to the “” Health Survey “” 2003 and the “” German Non-Movers Study “” 2008. This increases the risks. Schmidt and Seehofer recommend that you walk, ride a bike or do sports more often.

Motivate children and young people

Schmidt and Seehofer want to combat overweight children and young people in particular and propose subsidies for school meals via vouchers. In addition to schools and company canteens, there should also be quality standards for daycare centers, retirement homes and hospitals by 2010. Discussions with the business community are planned to avoid advertising with a view to children under the age of twelve.

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