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March 21, 2020

Monitor the state of compliance with the law on the ground, using a feedback mechanism.

Monitor the state of compliance with the law on the ground, using a feedback mechanism.

This gives hope for changes in this socially important area and the launch of the process of modernization of Ukraine. The main actors in education, science and innovation are a teacher, lecturer, researcher. The success of modernization depends on their work. However, all of them are radically underestimated in the Ukrainian state, which is manifested in low wages, low status, strict hierarchical control and lack of creative freedom. Socio-economic and cultural breakthrough is impossible without a free, highly respected and highly paid teacher, lecturer, researcher. Therefore, it is worth taking real steps for their public recognition: to increase wages, create conditions to increase prestige and release creative potential. – to invest in the growth of the professional level of a teacher, lecturer, researcher through targeted (personal) financing of such activities:

studying foreign languages ​​and passing exams to obtain international language certificates; mastery of information technology with appropriate certification of acquired skills; development of pedagogical technologies and innovative teaching methods based on MOOC in combination with internal mobility and internships with the best teachers of Ukraine; deepening competencies in the application of scientific methods, organization of research and management of innovation.

About 500,000 people work in the field of education, science fast lab report writing service and innovation. teachers, 195 thousand teachers and 85 thousand researchers. On targeted increase of their professional level on condition of investment of 10 thousand. UAH per person needs UAH 7.8 billion. Provided that such funding is provided at 10% of the total, the size of the fund will be UAH 780 million, or about $ 30 million. The sources of this fund may be the funds provided by international organizations for reforms in Ukraine. The main thing is that the implementation of the project of targeted investment in improving the professional level of teachers, researchers, researchers will contribute to the integration of Ukraine into the world and European scientific and educational space and, in general, increase the chances of modernization of our country. meets the needs of modernization of the country. Therefore, it needs to be revised and changed. At the same time, the components of the new financing mechanism should be:

decentralization of the distribution of public funds – a change in the principles of formation of the revenue and expenditure side of budgets by giving local governments much greater rights and responsibilities. This will require local communities to have a high level of responsibility, professionalism, quality of management and public oversight, in particular in terms of funding the activities of educational institutions; diversify sources of funding through the inclusion of private, municipal and collective investments; increasing the weight of autonomy and public self-government in ensuring the viability of educational, scientific and innovative organizations through the introduction of bottom-up budgeting, in which the workforce has the right to participate in the formation, approval, monitoring of operational, current (quarterly, annual) and strategic financial plans.

The process of financial planning is a technology of planning, accounting for results, preparation of reports on the implementation of planned tasks and analysis of the results of its activities in the strategic (more than a year), current (annual) and operational (month , quarter) perspective, which is based on information heads of structural subdivisions regarding the existing and perspective financing needs. To master the competencies in financial planning, it is recommended to introduce training for the administration and representatives of the labor collective of educational, scientific and innovation institutions. In order to ensure the creation of transparent democratic institutions, draft strategic, annual, and operational financial plans should be posted on the institution’s website for discussion and amendment before their adoption by a collegial body of public self-government. Discussion of the strategic financial plan should last at least three months, the annual financial plan – at least a month and the operational financial plan – at least a week before the deadline. Reports on the implementation of financial plans with a detailed analysis of results and trends should be posted on the organization’s website in full after their adoption by the collegial body of public self-government. The management system is a key factor in reforming education, science and innovation. Therefore, its condition and changes are critical to the success of Ukraine’s modernization. However, this system is inherited from the administrative-command, bureaucratic Soviet system of government. It reproduces and changes itself, acquiring hybrid features of slavery, feudalism / clientelism and corrupt capitalism. For the search engine for personal benefits in the management system of education and science, ideal conditions are created under which money turns into status – certificates, diplomas, degrees and academic titles, status – in office, position – in receiving corrupt income from other grateful people wishing to receive status and make a career in government. Given the public importance, it is necessary to clean the management system of education, science and innovation, and to do this:

to eliminate the combination of administrative and managerial functions by scientific, scientific-pedagogical and pedagogical workers in higher education institutions, respectively, item 13 of Art. 55 of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”. To do this, prepare a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On the list of scientific and pedagogical and pedagogical positions with the performance of administrative and managerial functions in universities”; to limit the possibility of subordination of relatives in education and science on the basis of proper performance of functions of state and public control; to reduce the number of powers of the executive branch of government in the governing bodies of scientific and educational institutions, redistributing some functions to the area of ​​responsibility of supervisory (trustee) councils. Make appropriate changes to the current Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” and take into account the proposals when creating new laws in the field of education and science. Institutionally initiate and ensure the activities of the facilitation body to consider and resolve internal conflicts and problems; to unblock social elevators for promising leaders, implementing the method of direct democracy when holding elections for administrative positions, provided that for each position in the charters of educational institutions will be set minimum requirements for candidates; strengthen state and public control. Monitor the state of compliance with the law on the ground, using a feedback mechanism. Facilitate the investigation of corruption and abuse by special authorized bodies, bring to justice the perpetrators of civil, disciplinary, administrative and criminal liability; to eradicate total dishonesty through end-to-end compliance with ethical principles, transparency, consistency and independent evaluation. to limit the spread of clans and clientele when conducting competitions for vacant positions and among recipients of scientific degrees and academic titles by identifying them and informing the public and public authorities of education, science and innovation.

SL Blagodeteleva-Wolf, Ph.D. economy. Sciences, Associate Professor, RPR expert for Osvita.ua


The salary of a teacher of the highest category has been increased by UAH 1,076 compared to September 2020

The salary of the teacher of the highest category makes 6 461 UAH, – the minister

The salary of a teacher of the highest category from January 1, 2021 is UAH 6,461.

This was announced by the Minister of Education Sergei Shkarlet, commenting on the adoption by the Cabinet of Ministers of a resolution to increase the level of salaries for public sector employees.

According to him, the salary of a teacher of the highest category has been increased by UAH 1,076 compared to September 2020.

The salary of a teacher without a category from January 1, 2021 will be UAH 4,859. This is UAH 809 more than last year.

At the same time, Sergei Shkarlet stressed that all surcharges, allowances and other incentive payments are maintained and will be added to the increased salaries.

“Now the Ministry of Education and Science will be able to work in accordance with the resolution of its own regulations. But it is safe to say that teachers’ salaries will be calculated from January 1, 2021 on the basis of increased salaries by 20%, and from December 1 – by 8.4%, “said the Minister of Education and Science.

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The delay causes uncertainty with the payment of wages and advances to educators in January

The Cabinet of Ministers has not yet adopted a resolution on raising salaries

The Cabinet of Ministers has not yet adopted a resolution on the establishment of salaries of public sector employees from January 1, 2021, based on the salary of an employee of the 1st tariff category – UAH 2,670, from December 1, 2021 – UAH 2,893.

This is stated in the appeal of the trade union of educators and scientists addressed to the Cabinet of Ministers.

The trade union emphasizes the need to speed up the government’s adoption of the resolution, as delays in the adoption of the resolution lead to dissatisfaction and uncertainty on the ground with the payment of salaries to teachers for January, including an advance.

“The delay in the adoption of the resolution by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will lead to uncertainty with the payment of salaries to teachers, as well as employees of other sectors of the budget, for the first half of January and January in general, “said the Trade Union of Education and Science.

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