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March 26, 2020

Neymar Jr, Mbappé and Di María are in talks to renew their respective contracts

Neymar Jr, Mbappé and Di María are in talks to renew their respective contracts

In the summer the easiest thing would have been to go out, but here I am very happy, also in the extra-soccer field, and I felt the confidence of Girona and wanted to vindicate myself and prove my worth here and in the Second Division.

I was already happy last year, so imagine now that after all this effort I can be playing and I can be doing it in the place and in the team where I wanted and want to be.

Q – What is left of the last year?

A- One can get angry at some point, but in the end the individual is put aside and one pays more attention to the team. The important thing is always the group. Life is experiences, good and bad, and the important thing is to know how to stay with the good and learn from the bad. I gained maturity. And I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from great players every day.

Q – From players like Cristhian Stuani …

A – Cristhian has helped me a lot. And I have gone from seeing him on TV, from going to see him play with the national team at the stadium, to being his partner, and it is a dream to be able to play with him.

Q – Would it also be a dream to go with the national team?

A – One always dreams of the largest selection. Cristhian always tells me beautiful experiences that he has been able to live there, and it still makes me want to be able to live them later. There is nothing greater than being able to play with the national team.

Nahuel Arroyo, from subsidiary to rival

Girona can’t get past two

It is the dream that every Uruguayan has from a very young age. It is the most sacred thing there is. What the selection represents for Uruguayans is impossible to explain in words.

Ronald Koeman commented again, in the press conference prior to the duel between Elche and FC Barcelona, ​​that "of course Barça lacks people". The Barca team coach made reference, again, to the lack of players and the need to sign for the winter transfer market but also stressed that "it all depends on the financial situation of the club."


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Barcelona boss Koeman reiterates desire to make signings in January

In addition, the culé coach explained that "Nor does he have a totally different opinion than the candidates for the Barça presidency had" although, of course he stressed that "if you want to achieve more -at sports level- you have to improve things".

Koeman, on penalties: "Failing seven out of twelve is too much"

Koeman’s list to face Elche

Barça will face Elche in the next LaLiga match this Sunday at 4:15 pm.

The Paris Saint-Germain has many folders open. If years ago it was the signings that took away the sleep of the leaders of the Parisian club, now it is the renewals of its top stars. Neymar Jr, Mbappé and Di María are in talks to renew their respective contracts.

Jan 26, 2021 at 20:00 CET

Dani godoy

According to the newspaper ‘L’Équipe’, the Argentine would have changed his mind about renewing his contract with PSG for this summer and would now be closer to continuing than leaving. The 32-year-old footballer ends his contract with the Parisians next June and has already rejected an offer that came when the coach was Tuchel, announced as Chelsea’s new manager. However, the signing of Mauricio Pochettino has changed the landscape since the Argentine’s wish would be for the ‘Fideo’ to stay.

For the negotiations to come to fruition, Di María will have to accept the salary cut that PSG is implementing. It is something that he opposed at the time, but now he would be willing to accept it as long as the new commitment is for two more seasons, even if it entails receiving less than the 12 million per year that he currently receives.

PSG will be reinforced with another crack to receive Barça

"Mbappé’s father wants transfer bonus"

Clubs such as Inter Milan, Juventus or Tottenham, which last summer were already interested in the Argentine, knowing that he could soon negotiate as a free agent, are still on the lookout, as reported by the aforementioned media. Meanwhile, the player continues to maintain a high level on the pitch and has already accumulated four goals and ten assists this season.

António Salvador, president of Braga, and his family have been subjected to insults and threats after Braga lost the League Cup final against Sporting de Portugal 1-0 with a goal from Spanish side Pedro Porro.

Jan 26, 2021 at 8:54 PM CET

Dani godoy

As reported by the Portuguese club, the leader has already communicated such facts to the Police so that they can investigate and find out who the authors of such misdeed are. The threats directed at Salvador and his family members occurred through anonymous phone calls and through a WhatsApp group in which the Braga president’s phone number was added. Faced with this situation, which occurred over the past weekend, the head of ‘Los Arzobispos’ was forced to change his phone number.

The match against Sporting was marked by tension. In fact, the coaches of both teams were expelled. After the meeting, more of the same. At a press conference, António Salvador criticized a decision by the refereeing team that, he said, influenced the final result of the match and the winning of the trophy by the Lisbon club at the Leiria Stadium.

"It is a pity that the game was decided by a detail, not by the eleven players who were on each side of the field, but by a decision of another team that was on the field"said the president of 1xbet poker Braga, referring to the controversy over Pedro Porro’s winning goal.

Portugal has Trincao for the World Cup

Messi is a nightmare for Rayo Vallecano

Likewise, he also threw poisoned darts against Sporting: "It is a great satisfaction to see Sporting celebrate so much with their victories over Braga. A sign that they sometimes feel small next to our club", he added.

The Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu has obtained the commitment of President Pedro Sánchez to undertake a bilateral negotiation with the Basque Country on the official status of the Basque teams after the regional government registered with FIFA and UEFA last December its request for the Basque Country to have its own national team , according to the newspaper ‘El Mundo’.

Jan 26, 2021 at 8:56 PM CET

The same information ensures that the Basque government, made up of the PNV and the PSE-EE, endorses the request formalized by the Basque Football Federation before FIFA and UEFA to be recognized and be able to compete as a national team even against Spain. 

Chelsea make the signing of Thomas Tuchel official

"Messi is the best, but I would stay with De Jong"

The director of Sports of the Basque Country, Jon Redondo, went together with members of the federation to Zurich and Nyon on December 15 to register a legal report with this request. Spokesmen for the Spanish Football Federation, however, ruled out this possibility two days later, which, however, Sánchez now opens by accepting Urkullu’s proposal.

The candidates for the Barça presidency have met with the head of the manager, Carles Tusquets, this Friday night at the Camp Nou offices and have closed three main points: the date of the elections, how to vote and the refusal to sign Eric Garcia in winter.


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Eric Garcia Martret

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Key Barcelona meeting helped settle three big issues at the club

1-March 7 is the date that will work from now on to elect the new president. After the Generalitat did not allow exceptions so that Barça members could leave the municipal confinement on January 24.

Although February 28 was also considered, it was considered more prudent to wait until March 7, especially since the Generalitat’s forecasts suggest that by that date the peak of the pandemic will have been left behind and sanitary conditions will be much better.

Laporta: “Messi wants to stay”

2-There will be a vote by mail. The Generalitat has given Carles Tusquets his word that the legislation will vary so that voting by post can be done. The manager considers that before March 7 there will be time for the new law to be published and the partners can send their vote by ordinary mail without problems. In this way, displacements will be avoided and the process will be safer from a sanitary point of view.

Winter market

Font: “The elections point to the beginning of March”

The vital meeting between Tusquets and the candidates is over!

3-‘No’ to Eric Garcia. The candidates have decided not to face the transfer that the signing of Eric Garcia would mean at a very delicate moment for the club’s coffers. The new sports directors will decide, although obviously he is a footballer who interests everyone very much with the letter of freedom in June. His salary has also been taken into account, in addition to the transfer, so as not to face the signing of the central Manchester City now.

Quino Colom, a player who has had to go to Russia to earn a living in recent years, was the real protagonist of Spain’s duel against Latvia, by sentencing the victory in an electric final, unthinkable after the dominance of Scariolo’s team practically throughout the game (85-82).

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