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April 25, 2020

To participate in the program, you must apply to Cambridge University by March 1, 2011.

To participate in the program, you must apply to Cambridge University by March 1, 2011.

Education.ua May 26, 2010

The UK is a world innovation leader, with many universities equipped with the latest technology

Postgraduate education in the UK

Most master’s and MBA programs in the UK are for one year, as opposed to two years in other countries, including the US and Australia. If you choose to study in England, you will only pay for one year of study and not notice how fast it will fly. and you will return to work. When you come to study in Britain, you will be immersed in the element of English – the world’s main language of business. You will be part of a truly international community – almost 50 nationalities can study at one university! A master’s, doctoral or MBA degree from a British university will show the employer that you are capable, have independent thinking and self-discipline. They will know that you can do the research yourself, analyze the results and make a real contribution to the work of the company or organization. Postgraduate programs to suit your interests A wide range of postgraduate programs allows you to have a very flexible approach to studying in the UK. You can start with a Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip) course, then move on to a master’s program, or start with a Master of Research (MRes), which can lead you to a doctorate. What is the duration of postgraduate programs in the UK? employment (full-time) take from one to four years:

One-year: postgraduate certificate / diploma, master’s degree, MBA; Two-year: master’s degrees in some specialties; Three- and four-year: doctoral degrees, “New Route PhDs”.

Pre-master’s courses Pre-master’s courses can last from one semester to a full academic year and include lectures on the subject, country culture and language training. You may need to take a pre-master’s course if your qualifications or knowledge of English do not quite meet the requirements for entering a master’s program. Many courses guarantee the continuation of a master’s degree at a specific university. Postgraduate certificate or diploma (PG Cert / Dip) These are one-year courses whose program usually does not include research. They are professional qualifications and will help you make a leap at the start of your career. Master’s courses (Taught master’s: MA, MSc, LLM, Med, etc.) Master’s courses usually last one year and consist of two parts – a series of training modules (lectures and seminars, writing and exams) and self-study. Research master’s degrees (MRes, MPhil) You don’t usually need to attend lectures for this degree – you spend your whole year in the UK studying. Your final grade will be determined by the quality of your dissertation. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) The MBA is a specialized master’s course that will take you to a higher level in management. This is the most well-known and popular postgraduate qualification. Doctorate (PhD) A doctorate, or PhD course, takes three years, during which you work on a single research project. In the last year of study, you will need to defend a dissertation of about 100,000 words. Doctoral “new type” New Route PhD, includes, in addition to a research project, an element of training and gives you the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary research.

Education.ua May 26, 2010

This year, the best universities in the UK traditionally offer scholarships for training in the Foundation’s preparatory programs and for the master’s degree program – Graduate Diploma

Scholarships from British universities for admission programs

The scholarship is provided in the amount of the cost of training for one year (unless otherwise specified) and is paid to the student in the form of a discount on tuition – 50% for the first year and 50% for the second year. Thus, the savings can be over 12,000 pounds. All other costs, namely: the rest of the tuition, accommodation in a dormitory, transport, pocket money – are paid at their own expense. University of East Anglia, which is one of the 200 best universities in the world, offers training in the Foundation program – is preparation for admission to the first year of the bachelor’s degree after 11 classes of school. Suggested specialties: business and economics; humanities and law; natural sciences; computer science; mathematics and risk assessment; pharmacology; computer science. Applications for study at the University of East Anglia are accepted until June 27, 2011. The University of Exeter, which in 2010 entered the top ten universities in the UK, opens applications for training programs in the specialties: humanities, social sciences and law, computer science, engineering and mathematics; economics, finance and management; natural sciences. Upon completion of the preparatory courses, students will have the right to enroll in a bachelor’s degree. Applications are accepted until July 1, 2011. Until July 1, Newcastle University also accepts applications, offering scholarships of £ 11,940. or 12990 f.st. for such specialties Foundation: business and management; humanities and social sciences; physical and engineering sciences; biological and biomedical sciences. Queens University Belfast also guarantees scholarships to students enrolling in Foundation programs to prepare for the majors: business, humanities and social sciences, engineering, natural and computer sciences, mathematics. amounting to £ 11,490. for training in the Graduate Diploma in Management and Graduate Diploma in Finance programs. Applications for admission to Queens University Belfast are accepted until June 27, 2011. For more information on studying in higher education in the UK, contact the managers of the educational agency International House at: (044) 238-98-70, 238-97 -96.

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The selection of candidates for scholarships under the Cambridge-Ukraine program continues until March 1, 2011

Cambridge-Ukraine program: 5 full scholarships for master’s studies

The program is designed to provide citizens of Ukraine with a free one-year master’s degree at Cambridge University. The main areas for which the scholarship is awarded are the arts, humanities and social sciences. The program fully reimburses the costs of education, accommodation and pays an annual stipend to students who need it. The study abroad of the first five students from Ukraine, who will be awarded scholarships, will begin in October 2011 and will last one year. To participate in the program, you must apply to Cambridge University by March 1, 2011. The selection of applicants will be carried out by the committee of the Ukrainian scholarship program. The committee will include representatives of the School of Arts and Humanities, as well as the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The prizes will be awarded after the applications are considered. Preference will be given to those applicants who have outstanding academic success, as well as leadership qualities that will benefit society. Students from Ukraine who have received a bachelor’s degree are allowed to participate in the scholarship competition. Selected candidates will be notified of their participation in the master’s program in May 2011. You can apply at www.cambridgetrusts.org/scholarships/view/?award=78 The Cambridge-Ukraine program was established at the University of Cambridge with the financial support of Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash.


The Department of Economics and the Queen Mary State University School of Law, University of London offer 5 scholarships of £ 3,000. each for students enrolling in the MSc Law and Finance master’s program

Master’s scholarships to study law and finance in London

To enroll in a master’s program, you must meet the following criteria: have a bachelor’s degree in law or economics, or appropriate professional qualifications and experience in these fields; IELTS certificate confirming a high level of English language proficiency (at least 7.0). To participate you must provide a completed registration form, 2 letters of recommendation, resume and cover letter. In addition, applicants must demonstrate excellent academic results and show high motivation to study at this university for the chosen specialty. The deadline for applications from students – June 3, 2011. For more information, contact the Agency for Education Abroad DEC education by phone: (044) 390-76-24. Reference: Queen Mary, University of London – one of the best and largest universities in the UK. According to The Times “Good University Guide” and “The guardian university Guide 2010”, the university ranks 9th in law in the UK among higher education institutions. Queen Mary, University of London is the only university in London to offer a fully integrated campus in the city, giving students a great opportunity to study, live and relax in the heart of the UK capital at the same time.


Higher education in the UK is provided by universities; colleges and universities; art and music colleges


Stages of university education in the UK: bachelor, master, doctor of philosophy

Most universities in the UK education system are divided into faculties, which in turn can be divided into departments.

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